I am a father to 3 amazing but very different children: one birth child and two through adoption. I am a husband to an incredible women who teaches me so much about myself and life in general. I am also an experienced headteacher of 13 plus years.

I train schools and give talks and interviews about education in relation to children who are adopted, have attachment difficulties or experienced trauma or adverse childhood experiences. I also deliver college and university lectures and work with local authorities and virtual schools to help train and support designated teachers, SENCOs, senior leadership teams and those working with children. My aim through these talks and training is to raise the awareness of schools to trauma issues and how this affects children’s behaviour in schools, and how schools can adapt their policies and procedures to become trauma informed.

I also aim to help and support parents navigate the complicated and ever changing educational landscape through parental support group talks and online support.

I have had a number of articles published in the adoption today magazine and have appeared on the BBC One Show (17.01.18)  in a piece about school exclusions relating to adoption and on the Victoria Derbyshire Show (10.05.18).

I also help run a group called ‘Forever Family Friends’ which is a group that meets every month and is for adopted families. We have lots of fun and gives adopted children to meet others who have been adopted. We also have theraplay type activities at each group. There is time at the end for the adults to meet and talk about an issues they are having while there are lead activities for the children.

I also help run a scout group and get to camp lots!

I hope you find the blogs useful as I hope to be able to share some of my experiences, share some resources and provide some guidance and tips for parents and schools to help the journey for the adopted child in education.

If there are particular topics or themes that you would like me to write about please let me know through my twitter feed.

Many thanks.


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